Corinne – Group Leader / Area Coordinator (Wakefield)

Corinne  has been running the group since February 2018.  She has 4 children  with a variety of additional needs, including ADHD, and has seen first  hand how difficult life can be without the correct support.  Corinne is  trained in SEND law and supports parents to get the correct support in  school for their children with ADHD and other special educational  needs.

Rachael – Deputy Group Leader/ Area Coordinator (Kirklees)

Rachael has a daughter with a dual diagnosis  of ADHD and autism.  Up until 2020, Rachael worked in a special school  for 14 years.  She is qualified in Makaton and Elklan (supporting  children with speech and communication difficulties).  Rachael has  recently completed her Level 3 in SEND law.

Leanne (Area Coordinator – Calderdale)

Leanne has an 11 year old son who received a diagnosis of ADHD after a 4 year wait. Leanne previously volunteered for us, and has now taken on a paid position within the charity. 

Bobbie – Area Coordinator (Leeds)

Bobbie lives in Wakefield with her husband and two children. A complete neurodivergent household, she understands that it can be the small things that make the difference. Specialising in managing anxiety and working around those who are demand avoidant, Bobbie understands that ideas may have to be tweaked and enjoys coming up with creative solutions to meet others’ needs. Bobbie loves cooking and being outdoors as she finds they really help regulate the busy brain. 

Ella – Area Coordinator (Bradford)

Ella has a partner with confirmed ADHD and 5 children, 4 with varying levels of SEND. Ella previously volunteered for a SEN school whilst undertaking her Supporting SEND in schools’ qualification and has first-hand experience with working with children with a range of disabilities. Ella is very passionate about getting the right support in place and access to services for those with SEND and is undertaking the SEND Law training to further aid her passion. 

Rachel – Administrator

Rachel is mum to a tween daughter who is diagnosed ADHD with autistic traits and wife to an “undiagnosed but it’s obvious now” ADHD husband, who has experienced how the journey feels. Rachel wants to use her extensive PA experience to support the group in continuing the amazing work it does.

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