‘I see such a difference in my son when he knows he is with people who are just like him. Even I feel at ease  knowing that I don’t have to worry about being judged by people for my son being just himself’.

‘Wow what a lovely morning. It has been really helpful on multiple levels. To be able to come and relax in a kind atmosphere has been just the therapy I needed. It’s so lovely meeting other adults with children who can relate and just get it, it’s like coming home. These sessions are a lifeline of support’.

‘Thank you for all your help this last year or so.  I would have been lost without your support’.

‘You’ve helped us completely change our relationship with our son.  We were really struggling but we’re in a much better place thanks to you’. 

‘I feel relaxed in the company of parents and children just like us… you can’t buy that feeling’. 

‘Thanks so much , you are amazing and it makes such a big difference’. 

 ‘The best thing I ever did for myself was join these sessions. I’ve got some fab friends from it and everyone is very supportive’. 

‘I enjoy being able to talk to other parents in the same situation. It’s an amazing group to be part of’.

‘We are greeted with heartfelt smiles and a warm welcome at every session, not the usual anxiety provoking roll of the eyes we’ve received so many times at other places’.

‘We all felt relaxed as we were around people with the same challenges we face’.

‘You are one in a million.  You helped us from day one when we were all so new to the world of ADHD’. 

‘It was so nice to meet like minded parents in the same situation. I do struggle and feel isolated a lot of the time so it was nice to feel welcome and I look forward to future events’  

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