Helen (Calderdale group)

Helen is a mum to a 12-year-old daughter with ADHD and Attachment Disorder whom she adopted. She is also a secondary school SENCO with 21 years’ experience of teaching children with SEN .  Helen has blazed the trail of EHCPS, Social Services, DLA, CAMHS etc and wants to support others on their journey as part of her day job and this fantastic volunteer role.

Alex (Leeds group)

Having been on a challenging journey to have her daughter diagnosed last year, Alex would now like to support others in what she can only describe as a minefield.

Jo (Leeds Group and Saturday Play Sessions)

Jo has two sons, both are currently undiagnosed. One is suspected of having autism and PDA and the other is suspected of having autism and ADHD. Jo believes she also has ADHD. She hopes to make a meaningful difference to all people who are affected by neurodiversity.  

Emma (Leeds group and Saturday play sessions)

Emma is a mum to three sons, two of whom have undiagnosed ADHD and autism.  Emma believes she also has ADHD. She would like to help people who are struggling to navigate the SEND system. 

Jemma (Huddersfield group and Saturday play sessions)

Jemma has a young daughter with a dual diagnosis of ADHD and ASD, She also has a son who is starting to show some signs of neurodiversity. Jemma has decided to donate some of her free time to us in order to help families in the way she has previously been helped by our charity. 

Dominic (Calderdale group)

Dominic is a stepdad to a 12-year-old girl with ADHD and attachment disorder. He has 2 children of his own, a daughter and a son, who has autism. Dominic is a really patient person who everyone finds really easy to get along with. He helps run the Calderdale Support group on the first Wednesday of every month and enjoys listening to everyone’s stories and bonding with the group. Dominic is a well-known Head Chef in Brighouse, where you’ll find him and his talents at Mamil.

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